Turning and mechanical working department

GSI has a turning and mechanical working department. Furthermore, it has at disposal a vast range of skilled and certified suppliers who are able to meet any request from turning bar, to the cut pipe or printed / electro swaged. To complete machining, we are able to perform broaching, milling and everything necessary to accomplish a custom-made product.

Cylindrical and helical serration department

GSI has a teeth and shaving department with the most updated generation of systems, consisting of machines with automatic robotic loading and storage pieces. We are able to perform straight and helicoidal gear hobbing, with a maximum diameter of 600 mm, 800 mm of length and module 15.

Heat treatment

GSI avails itself of the help and experience of qualified suppliers for the heat treatment phase during the following processes: rough preliminary processing, isothermal annealing, remediation, normalization, final heat treatment, carburizing, carbonitriding, gas nitriding, vacuum treatment, hardening into the atmosphere, induction hardening, hardening plug and finally tempra under press.

Quality control

GSI has a quality control department of the latest generation for measuring machines, including Klingelnberg P40, three-dimensional Mitutoyo, hardening device, Roughness tester and Software Quarta. All control instruments are added to the machine for process control. GSI also offers the following services: metallographic and chemical analysis, mechanical testing, PPAP, FMEA.

Grinding department

GSI has an internal grinding department to manage pieces with dimensions of 400 mm in diameter and 250 mm in length.

Gear grinding

GSI has a Profile grinding of latest generation, being able to provide a product with the grinding process with the form grinding wheel, grinding wheel screw or full form. We are able to provide ground gears on the teeth, up to a maximum diameter of 500 mm, maximum length 1400 mm, module 15.

Cleaning and Shipment department

GSI has a washing and shipping department to handle deliveries in Kanban, directly in line of fittings of our client. The process of washing and protection in which all the parts are subjected, before passing to the phase of shipping and warehouse storage, ensures a protection of their products against oxidation for 6 months in unheated environment and 12 months in a heated environment.